Which Spark Tech ?

For the DSM / EVO 1-3 cars we have a setup that wires into your factory harness. Depending on your application, a CDI option is available (2 or 4 channel). This system comes standard with a wrinkle black powder coated mounting plate, military spec wire, heat sleeving and SS mounting hardware. Free etching option is available on the black mounting plate. Please click on the laser etching service link to the left or email us for more information.

Mitsubishi EVO 4 - 9 have options available depending on your ECU and HP applications. We try to suggest systems that can work for your current as well as future applications. Systems start off at $575.

In order to help choose the right system for you, ask yourself these questions :

  1. What ECU do you currently use and intend on using?
  2. What other upgrades do you have or intend on having (i.e. turbo, nitrous etc) ?
  3. What is your current HP and your future goals?
  4. Do I want the system to be seen or 'hidden'?
  5. Do you prefer black or polished parts?

Please note our systems will not work with JDM EVO MR Models.

The NonCDI system is an affordable option, designed for the stock ECU daily drivers, up to 600HP. This system is not upgradable to the CDI system. This system is 100% plug & play, taking about 15 minutes to install. It has been proven to work efficiently with upgraded turbos, including the 'FP Red'.This system has outperformed the HKS Dli in back to back independent dyno testing and doesn't have the Reliability issues that the Dli has been plagued with. We also saw an increase of 7-10whp compared to stock coils. This system comes standard with the wrinkle black powder coated mounting plate, military spec wire, heat sleeving and SS mounting hardware. If you plan on running Nitrous we'd recommend one of our cdi based systems as nos can be more demanding on an Ignition system.

The CDI systems (Basic & Pro) utilize the M&W Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) units. These units allow our system to increase the voltage available to the spark plug allowing for a longer, more intense spark. This provides the ability to present a superior spark to the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber thus maximizing the burn efficiency. With the higher voltage provided, the spark plug gaps can also be increased, and driveablilty significantly increases.

The CDI systems All of the Pro12 CDI (2 channel) systems are completely plug and play.

The BASIC CDI System comes with a standard wrinkle black mounting plate that fits under the OEM cover. It comes with the Pro12 M&W CDI unit and works with both stock ECU and aftermarket ECUs. This systems utilizes the military spec wiring, Black Mil-spec heat sleeving, stainless steel mounting hardware. It has been tested to over 1000HP.

The PRO CDI System comes standard with a lightweight wrinkle Black Billtet aluminum mounting plate. This mounting plate starts it's life as a 1/2" chunk of Aluminum that spends considerable time on a cnc machine. The coils are recessed and twisted for that real High Tech appearance. The under side of the mounting plate is also routed out for additional weight savings. Like the basic, works with stock and aftermarket ecu, comes with military spec wiring, Black Mil-spec heat sleeving, stainless steel mounting hardware. It has also been tested to over 1000HP. The wiring is routed under the mounting plate and secured to the underside of the mounting plate. Upgrades to this system from the basic is available, for the Pro12 option.

The Pro system comes standard with the M&W Pro12, 2 channel, CDI unit. This system is wired in Wasted Spark mode which means that spark is sent to two coils at a time. This is a proven system which is found on lots of high powered Evo's Worldwide.

When more critical tuning and power is needed, we would recommend the M&W pro14, 4 channel Sequential cdi. This is only available in the Pro System line. This system drives 115mJ to each coil individually, as compared to the pro12 unit that sends 52.5 mJ. Since this system fires on a per cylinder basis an experienced tuner can take advantage and retard the critical cylinder by a couple degrees for added safety.

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