Why C.O.P?

Getting rid of the plug wires not only saves money, it also improves the durability of the ignition system. No high voltage wires means NO voltage leaks and NO MISFIRES due to bad plug wires. Using individual coils for each spark plug also means the coils have more time between each firing. Increasing the "coil saturation" time (the time the voltage to the coil is on to build up its magnetic field) increases the coil's output voltage at high rpm when misfire is most apt to occur under load. C.O.P ignition systems are mostly being used on new engine designs, so if you haven't seen one yet you will soon.

All our units come complete with:

  • Instructions & tech contact info
  • Connections covered with military grade heat sleeving
  • Stainless Steel Allen Head bolts
  • 1 Year guarantee on the coils & workmanship
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