What is CDI?

CDI systems or Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) systems store, or accumulate voltage, until a point at which a signal allows release discharge of the stored voltage to the spark plug.  An after market CDI ignition system greatly increases the voltage available to the spark plug allowing for a longer, more intense spark.

The principal advantage of a capacitive discharge ignition is the ability to present a superior spark to the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber thus maximizing burn efficiency.  As most experienced tuners know the easiest way to get a bigger spark is to increase the spark plug gap size. However, increasing the gap distance has a direct proportional relationship to the voltage necessary to ionize the air/fuel mixture.

Engine modifications such as Larger Turbos, bigger Cams, larger
intercoolers and INCREASED BOOST PRESSURE further stress an ignition systems ability to provide ample spark energy to EVENLY BURN THE MIXTURE.

Although it may sound strange, the air we breathe has electrical resistance that the ignition system must over come in order to ionize or spark across a plug. As pressure increases, the air becomes denser and provides even more resistance.

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