Spark Tech Billet Coil Protectors: Anodized Red - '4G63'

  • Model: ST-ARBCP4G63
  • Manufactured by: Spark Tech


These billet light weight aluminum protective caps guard against breaking the connector entering the coils. The fact that they look so great is just a bonus. The body of the coils are constructed out of abs plastic material and could get broken if bumped or leaned on, which could cause a misfire.Now you won't have to blame your mechanic or buddy for resting a wrench or other tools on the valve cover or cop plate. Although the coils are relatively inexpensive it's the down time or inconvenience we are trying to avoid. Please remember these coils are covered by a 1yr warranty against failure or defects, however breakage is not covered.
Just to be clear, this is not a prevalent problem, we have seen a couple incidents over the past few years and this is a proactive measure to reduce future downtime & costs.

  • Reduce risk of coil connector damage.
  • These protective caps were designed with sufficient ventilation to the coils.
  • The caps are held in place by the two retaining bolts that hold the coils in place.
  • They will come complete with mounting hardware.
  • All 4 caps together weigh 260grams.
  • Anodized Red finish with '4G63'. [Limited Edition]
  • Works with Spark Tech PRO CDi Systems

This item is a SET OF 4 coil Protectors in an anodized finish.

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