Pro-14B CDI Ignition Box

  • Model: MW-CDi014B-Pro-14B
  • Manufactured by: M&W Ignitions


The PRO-14b was designed primarily for vehicles with only two ignition outputs and when used in this application it will give two simultaneous outputs of 115mJ allowing the use of highly efficient CDI specific ignition coils. It will also function as a normal sequential ignition system. Harnesses will have to be built, if you would like us to build a custom harness for you, please email.


  • Maximum engine RPM 10,500 (4 cyl two trigger), 21,000 (4 cyl direct fire)
  • Supply voltage = 13.8 DC (negative ground only)
  • Operating voltage = + 6 to +18V (restrictions apply)
  • Ignition coil voltage = 480V
  • Outputs are short circuit protected
  • Supply has reverse polarity protection (external fuse required) and is load dump tolerant
  • Spark energy = 115mJ per output (direct fire & paired trigger)
  • 12V tacho output
  • LED indicator for power/trigger diagnostics
  • -40C to +105C operating range
  • Dimensions W=110mm,H=40mm, L=130mm
  • Weight = 870 grams
  • Maximum current draw = 7A
  • 4 coil output channels

CAUTION! Due to the high voltage used by this system (480V+), touching the primary side of the ignition coil when the engine is running may result in a painful electric shock.

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