Spark Tech EVO X CDI System - Plug and Play

  • Model: COP-EVOX
  • Manufactured by: Spark Tech


Spark Tech EVO X Sequential CDI Ignition System

This is the ultimate Ignition system for the Evo X platform. With enough spark energy for 1000+whp this will take a fully built Evo X into the 8's. We here at Spark Tech pride ourselves on Innovation, Quality & Performance.

This race proven Ignition system provides unmatched Ignition energy compared to anything ever offered or available for the Evo X.

To accomplish this level of reliability and performance, we leaned on the experience garnered from building over 3000 coil-on-plug ignition systems that can be found worldwide, in every climate imaginable.

We were the first ignition supplier to offer a Sequential Ignition option for the Evo 1-9 platform because we saw the need for something more potent and suitable for standalone ecu's and to get away from the outdated wasted spark system. Those systems have made their way on to the quickest and fastest Evo's bar none.

Now this system can be found on the world's quickest and fastest Evo X - Colo Performance EVO X - that recently ran 9.49@153mph (Nov2013).

Click to HERE view videos of the EVO X in action

  • Comes standard with Black Powder coated Aluminum Billet Plate.
  • (1) M&W Pro-14 CDi Box with manufacturer warranty (void if label is removed).
  • Systems are wired with military spec Tefzel wire.
  • All fasteners are stainless steel allen head bolts.
  • Sealed marine fuse holder.

(Valve cover & cylinder head not included)

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