Spark Tech EVO 9 Drag II Ignition System - FOR STOCK ECU

  • Manufactured by: Spark Tech


Introducing the Ultimate Ignition system for your EVO 9 Drag combination.

If your running 50+psi/Methanol/Ethanol/NOS we have your Ignition solution! Featuring Spark Tech Spec motorsports quality ignition coils, coupled with M&W's Drag 4 250mj unit and Full Mil-spec wiring harness with Aerospace Mil-spec heatsleeve. Varglas ES-4400 Silicone Rubber, in addition to providing superior dielectric and thermal protection, at less weight, was developed to meet unusual fluid and flame resistance requirements. Its high temperature performance places it in a 220C(428degF) classification. Offering superior dielectric strength, high and low temperature performance, and excellent fluid and flame resistance make it ideally suited for use in industrial instrumentation, electrical and electronic machinery and equipment; and aircraft and where its lighter weight provides an additional performance advantage. Simply put these are the Highest Quality components carefully chosen to set the bar. Let Spark Tech Ignite you into the future!

Note: JDM MR Models require custom CDIs. Please contact us prior to ordering.

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