On June 11th 2009, Spark Tech launched a bounty competition to see who would be the next EVO 1-10 in the 8s. Twelve contenders took the challenge and on September 26th, it was officially announced that DogBox Racing, located in New Jersey USA, was the winner with a time and speed of 8.7seconds @ 170mph! Through out the months, the competition was fierce. This friendly competition was thought of to unite the Lancer Evolution community and get back to the basics....Race, have fun and make the Evo community proud. For the most part it did just that. Have you seen how many cars with 8sec potential have been racing lately? Even guys who were not on the list stepped up their game. The list of all the participants is shown below (before the 8second pass) with their best times:

  • CFT/Procco 9.02@166.8
  • Most Wanted 9.05@157
  • Steven Performance 9.31@154
  • Strictly Modified 9.38@140
  • TurboTrix 9.1@160
  • AMS/Drag car Clone
  • DG Motors Drag Evo 8 9.06@164mph
  • Dog Box Racing Drag Evo 8 9.004@164
  • 9sec9 9.20@157
  • Top Level Performance 9.6@147
  • Lueboyz Racing 9.59@149(Jamaica)
  • FILIN 9.13 (Ukraine)

We would like to thank ALL the participants for this great event and look forward to the next!


Here's an account from DogBox on the pass...

"We went to Etown for Sunday test and tune 9am-6pm, got there at 2pm and unloaded the car just to here the announcer say ”staging lanes close in 10minutes“ . We rushed up to get a 3rd gear test pull with no video camera. I was not going to make a full pass. Well this big tire pro stock looking grand am does a killer burnout. Like every other racer when challenged I could not help but stay in it. My friend Tom ran up and yelled congrats I was confused, only to find out I did an 8.86 at 167 , wow, it was at low boost . At that point the track was closed. I held back from posting about winning here hopping we could find some one with a video. Being fair to others and sticking to the rules. We knew what to do. BACK IT UP.

We went to Atco Tuesday night test and tune. 1st pass, low boost, I pulled the car out of 2nd early and ran 9.2. Next pass up against a big tire Chevy S-10 good pass, bad 60 . At the end of the track I got the news 8.75 ; the announcer said the time out loud so it was heard on the video. Sweet we had it locked up. There was so much attention from the tech guy, announcer, and lots of domestic guys that if it ever was questioned, we would have plenty proof.

Great now it was time to turn her up a bit. As luck would have it a car broke a rear in front of us. Between the track and extra power the car was a hand full. Log showed it was peddled 7 times and went 9.0. Last pass we turn the boost back down. 1.59 60' and 8.8 at 170mph. Still no time shown, as there was lots of testing for the no time nationals and they don’t wont people pissed. Ok no biggy.

On to more important things, Big thanks to Spark Tech for putting this contest on! It pushed us and many others. We are proud to have participated and couldn’t have done it without Spark Tech's ignition." - Alex, DogBox Racing 9/24/09.

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