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Spark Tech Honda SeriesThe Spark Tech Honda : S2000 & KSeries Systems are currently in development. These will be available with the M&W Pro-14 or the Pro Drag 4 and utilize Mil-spec wire, Mil-spec heat sleeve and Deutsch connectors.

Spark Tech EVO & DSM Drag II Series Ignition SystemThe Spark Tech EVO & DSM Drag II Igntion Systems are now available in our online store and from dealers worldwide. Spark Tech Spec motorsports Quality Ignition coils, coupled with M&W's Drag 4 CDI. Designed to be used only on standalone ecu systems supporting sequential ignition.

Spark Tech 2JZ Sequential Ignition SystemThe Spark Tech 2JZ Ignition System is now available. Street and Drag only options available. Proven and reliable ignition solution to over 2000whp.


Spark Tech NonCDI Sequential SystemSpark Tech NonCDI Sequential Systems for DSMs and Evolution 1-9. This system is standalone ecu compatible only as it requires four individual ignition outputs/channels.

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Spark Tech Bluetooth OBD II Dongle with switch SystemThe Spark Tech Bluetooth OBDII Diagnostic Dongle with on/off switch is now available in our online store and from dealers worldwide. This port has constant 12V even with the ignition switch off and prevents the user from having to remove the unit after every use.

Spark Tech Quick Disconnect ConnectorThe Spark Tech Quick Disconnect Connector (QDC) is now a waterproof and mil-spec Deutsch connector. This option makes maintenance easier and great for race environments.


Spark Tech Billet ConnectorsSpark Tech Billet Coil Protectors availabe on all Spark Tech Pro and Basic CDI Systems. These billet light weight aluminum protective caps guard against breaking the connector entering the coils. Just to be clear, this is not a prevalent problem, we have seen a couple incidents over the past few years and this is a proactive measure to reduce future downtime & costs.

"Well guys we are extremely happy with the Spark Tech sequential Ignition System..Car rev's up like a motorcycle. Air/Fuel reading is more stable and power band increased about 30-40 more WHP. We will recommend it to everyone that is looking for High HP EVO's..."
- Sergio@CFT | Spark Tech Pro CDI Sequential System

"Words cannot describe how good this product is. It's as much of a difference as Blu-ray is to regular DVD. YES it's that good & I'm extremely critical of any product. I'm very very pleased with this product & feel as though it should have come on evo1-9's stock... Phenomenal!!!"
- N. Hogans | Spark Tech NonCDI System

"So in my quest to make our Drag evo more simple. Less parts to go wrong or cause problems. I decided to try SparkTech NonCDI. At the moment I am only on Q16 and lower hp tune to just get my license and get a feel for the car. I really wanted to get the car on E98 but just ran out of time and just want to run the car. We were able to run the plug gap around .025 on the CDI Drag ignition last year. We had to drop the gap around a .020 for the NonCDI to be smooth, But at that gap there is no sign of any problems."
- Lucas @ | Spark Tech NonCDI System

Performance and Spark Tech




Hamflex-Ryan UphamRoad Racing and Time Attack action is coming with the Ryan Upham / Hamflex EVO.
Procco/CFTKings/Procco EVO at NOPI Natls in Orlando secures the U.S. title of quickest EVO running an 8.40 @170mph on March 30th, 2014.
DogBox RacingDOGBOX Racing is the winner of the the Spark Tech 8 second bounty for 2009.
Turbo4The "Turbo4" 4g63 Powered Dragster throws down a 7.13s pass at 185mph - a personal best for the team.
Jeff Bush - English RacingJeff Bush and English Racing's 961whp ethanol powered 1st gen talon blazes with a 8.5s at 162mph.
Dave Stock - Speedtech Motorsports New ZealandDave & New Zealand STM Crew attended the NZDRA Nationals March 20-21st 2010 and reset the world record with an 8.34s at 169.72mph!




"I used the Sparktech Non Cdi as well as the sequential on my RS. Both have worked great to date and have had zero issues with. I recently installed the sequential unit, utilizing the instructions provided by Sparktech. Very straight-forward and easy to setup the calibration for the use of them as well. I am using the AEM EMS series 1. the instuctions that were provided were very basic and covered everything needed to change to get it work on a standalone ECM within minutes. The install of the wires/device is a breeze. I would recommend these units to anyone looking for a better igniton system.
 Upon using the sequential unit I did notice a quicker start up, able to run more ignition timing and more spark plug gap. Overall I was able to run my engine harder, leaner and more aggressive resulting in a cleaner, stronger combustion.
Reese Tuning is a authorized distributor of Sparktech and have used them on mulitple customer cars with no issues. They are great systems with quality hardware. Thank you Sparktech."
- James Reese | Spark Tech NonCDI Sequential System

"The COP has been everything I expected, and made a huge difference in my car. The craftsmanship of the unit is 2nd to none, and I recommend it to anyone who is searching for an end all ignition solution. "
- Itzwolf | Spark Tech Pro CDI System

"I can not say enough about SparkTech and Craig's customer service, products, and packaging. EVERYTIME I sent Craig a PM I had a reply usually within an hour if not then the next morning. From the COP setup leaving their shop to my apartment till now I have received 2 or 3 PMs from Craig making sure it got here alright, if I am happy with it, if I have installed it yet, and any reviews. If I were to rate my experience with SparkTech and Craig it would have to be an A++++++. I can not wait to get my plugs and get this thing installed. My gas mileage has not been the greatest and my car seems to be slacking up top which I am pretty positive was due to a spark/ignition issue. Next weekend I am heading to a shop outside Charlotte to get my car tuned by Kasey @ MAP. I will post up results after dyno tuning then hopefully hit up the track ASAP. Thanks again SparkTech & Craig! "
- 06MREvo | Spark Tech NonCDI System

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