Sal Moodley | 'SuperSal'


South-Africa=Flag2007 Lancer Evolution IX

  • Gruppe-S 2.3L Stroker Kit
  • Custom Twin Scroll 60-1 Turbo kit by No Sweat Racing
  • Custom FMIC by No Sweat Racing
  • HKS 272 MIVEC Cams
  • PTE 780cc Injectors
  • Warlbro 255L Fuel Pump
  • MSD in-line Booster pump
  • Cooling Mist H20-Alky Injection
  • SparkTech [nonCDi] COP
  • ACT 6 PUCK RACE DISC Clutch Kit
  • Gruppe-S Flywheel
  • ECU tuned by SHIVA Tuning
  • 19inch Voltec Rims
  • Vortex Generator
  • APR Front Splitter

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